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Prince of Tennis Icon/Fic Challenge

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PoT Challenge
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Welcome to pot_challenge! A Fic/Icon contest community focusing on the series Prince of Tennis.

Well, the rules are very basic although it may seem a bit confusing. An explaination is posted above the rules, seeing as this isn't a straightforward submit-an-icon contest community.

Each week, a mod will post a new challenge it will consist of TWO themes(two, because it wont always be easy for you to come up with a fic from a one-word theme. so a more descriptive one will be given as well. you can use whichever you want though, for either the icon or the fic. it's your choice). here is an example:

Week 1: Fall / Daydreaming

Your icon/fic must have something to do with "Fall" or "Daydreaming". Fall will be easier for the icon maker; daydreaming for the fic writer. you can do the opposite of course, if you want to be creative, and if you think you can(some second themes will be difficult for icons, some first themes will be difficult for fics. I will only give examples for "Fall" below. the same goes for daydreaming, you only need one explaination I'm sure.) It can be the season, or falling, or any other way you'd like to interpret it. As long as it is the theme for your icon, or is written about as the base or center of your fic

[End example]
Onto the explaination.

You can enter either an icon that has to do with the theme(a character falling down.. leaves falling.. a racket falling.. some dramatic image and your text including the word "fall" or an interpretation of the word in it..*example of an icon will be given below*) or a fic that has to have the theme in it(example: Eiji and Oishi are walking.. somewhere. and a leaf falls infront of eiji. He picks it up, and points out to oishi that the season is beginning to change to fall.. or that the leaves are starting to fall. another example could be, determination.. as in, if you fall down, you have to get back up again and keep trying*I guess that could be a decent Dan fic*). In most challenges, the second theme will be more.. elaborate for the fiction writers, where as the icon makers can interpret it as they wish. You may submit both an icon, and a fic, it is your choice

Example of an icon for this theme:*I'm writing this at 2AM, the icon sucks, if you say anything I'll chop your fingers off *glare!*


\\ You may use anime, manga, artbook, and doujinshi images. Fanart will only be permitted if it is your own
\\ The submitted icon must fit livejournal standards[100x100 and 40k, no more.]
\\ Submitted icons must be new and created for the specific theme for the week that you are submitting in.
\\ Only one icon may be submitted per Week.
\\ Do not go around advertising your icon. Show no one! No insider voting, let's be fair, shall we? :P
\\ You must be a member of the community to submit your entries.
\\ Do not steal icons. If you would like to use an icon that someone has submitted, post a comment on the winners post so that the icon maker can see. If that person says that it's alright to use their icon, then you may, and only then.
\\ Do not use Livejournal user pics for image hosting. get a photobucket account at photobucket.com, or some other type of image hosting account.

\\ Please try to keep fics BELOW 600 words.</b> Originally, it was 500 or less. But, I know that's difficult. so, 500-600 is the word count guideline, but if you ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT cut your fic down ANY more than what you already have, then you may submit it the way it is. Try to be reasonable, PLEASE. If I find your fic to be unreasonably long, I will inform you so you have a chance to revise it. again, please try to keep it to no more than 600 words.
\\ Each fic must include the theme in it, preferrably in the main base of the fic. Don't just mention the words in the theme once, and have them hold no meaning to the base of the fic itself.
\\ Same goes for fics with advertising! Don't post your fic anywhere else until the winners for that week are announced!
\\ Any type of pairing is accepted for fics.
\\ Only one fic may be submitted per Week.
\\ Mods hold the right to disqualify any entry submitted if it does not follow the rules above.

If you aren't sure about something and want to ask, you can post a comment here and I'll respond to it asap.

\\ On Thursday, a new challenge will be posted. Usually earlier in the day, but the time can vary from 8AM~8PM.
\\ You will have from Thursday to the following Thursday at 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time to submit your icon/fic for the week unless stated otherwise in the challenge post.
\\ Please submit your entries as shown below:
For Icons:


\\ Please make sure that you add the url as shown in the example above, and that your url works.
\\ You must host your images for submissions, but I will host them for the voting so that the submissions will stay anonymous until the end of the voting. Submission comments will be screened.

For Fics:

Short Summary/Comments:
Your Fic:

\\ The fic will be uploaded to a web host and posted as a link, so you don't have to worry about hosting.
\\ R+ ratings are allowed, but remember how short these ficlets must be, and take into consideration the fact that some voters might not want to read R/NC-17 fics(Then again, I'm sure a good ammount wouldn't mind XD).

\\ Voting will take place from Thursday at 6:30PM EST to Saturday at 8:00PM EST
\\ there will be two seperate voting categories. One for fics, one for icons. Fics will be competing against other fics, same goes for icons, so make sure you vote seperately for both.
\\ To vote, you must comment on the "Voting" post, listing your 3 favorite icons/fics in order of likeness.


#1: 05
#2: 09
#3: 11
#1: 04
#2: 01
#3: 07

#1 will get three points, #2 will get two points, #3 will get one point. Pretty basic.

\\ The voting post will be screened so that all votes will be anonymous
\\ There will be a Mod's Choice category as well.
\\ DON'T VOTE FOR ANYTHING WITH A CHARACTER/PAIRING-BIAS ATTITUDE. This isn't "who's the coolest PoT character/pairing" contest. You must vote based on how well you think the icon/fic fits the theme, and how good the image/fic was overall. please good lord don't be biased. I don't care if you don't like xx/xx pairing. Pretend that the fic is about someone else. replace character names in your head. anything! Just don't be biased. I cannot stress this enough.
\\ Any mod/banner maker is allowed to enter into all contests, even ones that they have created themselves. They just can't win mod's choice. Trust that all mods will not cheat.
\\ Winners will be posted shortly after voting has ended.
\\ Anonymous voting is NOT allowed. Sorry.

Week 01: Yamabuki / Playground
Week 02: Doubles / Chocolate
Week 03: Rikkai Dai Fuzoku / Broken
Week 04: Determination / Echizen Ryoma
Week 05: Singles / "I Wish I Could..."
Week 06: Atobe(OR)Yukimura / "Sweet Dreams"
Week 07: Fuji Syuusuke/Sunny(or)Rainy Days
Weel 08: Energy / Restless
Week 09: Tenimyu / Liquid Substance
Week 10: Buchou / Summer
Week 11: Textless / Fukubuchou / Food
Week 12: Kaoru Kaidoh / Friendship
Week 13: Lyrics / Music / Fudomine
Week 14: Jr. Invitational Training Camp / Crutches
Week 15: Vivid Colors / Desire[Click to vote]
Week 16: Seeing Double / Enough[Click to enter]


If you would like to affiliate, just email me at distraughtrelic@hotmail.com, or leave a comment somewhere in the community journal ^_^

Contact Information
AIM: DistraughtRelic
E-Mail: Distraughtrelic@hotmail.com

Contact Information
AIM: MaiKimberlyTran
E-Mail: angel_wings11@hotmail.com

Banner Makers:

We are in a need of banner makers. If you'll like, please contact the moderators if you would like to become a banner maker. Thank you.

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